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Nitrogen Hydrogen Booster- WFC

Nitrogen based hydrogen/nitrogen booster. From a suggestion made by Alaskastar, I made this device. The test result mentioned was performed in June 2006. This is likely the first device of it’s kind. Here is the link to an extended discussion of the device and technology- oupower.com As tested, fuel economy increased about 50%, with other …

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*UNBOXING* Vada Energy Max 1700 Series Hydrogen HHO Gas Kit Hydrogen Booster Cell SAVE GAS MILEAGE (MPG) on Any vehicle! Water4Gas Hydroxy

simplempg.com Here is the unboxing of the much anticipated Vada Energy HHO kit from FL. WOW! What a kit. Very professional, which is what we’re looking for. Has all the electronics, the HHO hydroxy gas booster cell, water reservoir, the EFIE control module, tubing, relay, wires, all that! I can’t wait to install this in …

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