Hydrogen Conversion Kits Help The Environment

Hydrogen Conversion Kits Help The Environment

Article by Todd Mac

Here in the US, we dearly love our cars. But it can be a love-hate relationship. We dread the maintenance, are reluctant when paying the insurance, and loathe trips to the gas pump. But there is a way to make that trip to the gas pump less painful. A hydrogen conversion kit is the key. Hydrogen conversion kits increase gas mileage and help your car burn cleaner and more efficiently using water. Yes, plain old every day water. The hydrogen cells are installed in your car near the engine. As the engine runs, electricity goes into the water, separating the Hydrogen from the oxygen. This creates HHO, the product produced when water is separated into its elemental components, also stated as hydrogen+hydrogen+oxygen.This product is also called Brown’s gas, named for Yull Brown, the Bulgarian inventor who first patented an electrolyzer, a tool used to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen. Brown’s gas is used in many manufacturing scenarios because it is safe, odorless, non-toxic, and cost effective.

Hydrogen conversion kits extract the hydrogen from the water in the cell, and then the hydrogen is used in the engine to greatly increase the burning potential of the gasoline. Sometimes these kits are called hydrogen boosters because they “boost” the power of the gasoline inside the engine. Hydrogen conversion kits are safe because the hydrogen inert while in the water, and is used as soon as it is extracted. Using pure hydrogen, such as hydrogen peroxide, can be extremely dangerous and should never be tried. But hydrogen conversion kits are completely safe, simple to install, and a very good investment.

If you are mechanically inclined, you can build the hydrogen cells yourself and install them, you can purchase a kit and install it, or have a mechanic install the kit. However you choose to go, the hydrogen conversion kit will pay for itself in a just a few months to a year, and will continue to be an asset for the life of your car.Since the hydrogen conversion kit increases the efficiency of your engine, it naturally follows that your gas mileage will be greatly improved. Most people see an increase of thirty to fifty percent efficiency. This can amount to significant savings at the gas pump.

If your job requires you to drive many miles every day, your hydrogen conversion kit will pay for itself in no time. But even if you are a mom driving a carpool, you will feel better about offering to drive the kids more often because you know that you are saving gas and saving wear and tear on the environment. If you own a fleet of vehicles, imagine how much you could save your company, simply by lowering your gas usage by thirty percent. That is savings that can’t be ignored.Hydrogen conversion is clean, simple, cost effective, and green. What’s not to love?

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Reviewing “Products for life” seeing hydrogen conversion kits installed and working made me a believer. http://www.diyhydrogenconversionkits.com

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