How do HHO Car Kits Work?

www.hydrowaterpower.com www.hydrowaterpower.com HHO Kits are composed of about 10 small parts- when put together, they fit underneath the hood of your car. You can install it easily by your engine. There is a small container in your HHO Conversion Kit that you pour distilled water into. Once you start your engine, your HHO kit passes an electric current through the distilled water, creating HHO gas (two parts Hydrogen for each part Oxygen). The HHO gas is then safely transferred through your air filter. HHO gas is know to * raise your car’s gas mileage * reduce your car’s harmful pollution output * clean out your engine HHO Kits Save Money How much money can you save after you install your own HHO Kit? Well, it will pay for itself in just a few months! We’ve seen cars increase their MPG by up to 40%. How would you like to save an extra hundred bucks a month? Run Your Cars on Water Learn about the newest HHO kits, how to run your car on water & save the environment. Evansville Indiana USA Belmont, Victoria, Iceland, Rekyavik, Armenia Yerevan Warrnambool Victoria Australia Kiribati, South Tarawa, Taiwan Taipei Romania Bucharest Congo Brazzaville Columbus Georgia USA www.hydrowaterpower.com www.hydrowaterpower.com www.hydrowaterpower.com
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